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Beautiful New Artisan Tiles
Made in the USA!

New from Encore Ceramics
Made in Oregon

ENC Belvedere Mosaic

ENC Feather Mosaic

ENC Miramar Mosaic

ENC Plumage Mosaic

ENC Tide Mosaic

Beautiful New Decorative Tiles
Made in North Carolina

BVT Flora

Dark Chai w/ Graphite Gold

BVT Fascination

Mocha Java & Chai Polychrome

BVT Ramble

Smoke & Kalamata Polychrome

BVT Petronella


1221 Dragon St

 Dallas, TX 75207

 Ph: (214)760-9330

 Fax: (214)742-9112



1221 Dragon St Dallas, TX 75207

In Loving Memory
Feb 01, 1994 - Apr 15, 2014